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Andi’s People Whimsical Greeting Cards & Stationery

Andi’s People: A whimsical collection of personalized greeting cards, notecards and art prints.

 Give the Gift of Personalized Stationery and Greeting Cards.

I like colorful, funky clothes, comfy shoes and taking walks, sunshine, yoga, creative blogs, Pandora radio… sometimes jazzy, sometimes flnger-snapping, dance-inspiring tunes… and sometimes dreamy meditative piano…

I also like remembering special occasions by finding the perfectly personal, birthday card that often ends up framed, saved and treasured.
But sometimes, life gets a little busy.  Too busy to find the “this is perfect!” kind of card….

Please check out our store.  It’s as easy as clicking Paypal.

If you enjoy sending cards that reflect the receiver’s interests and passions, Andi’s People can help. We have cards for every occasion, and you can choose from a wide selection of themes, including sports, yoga, music and simple pleasures. Your friends and loved ones will appreciate that you remembered them on their special days as well as the thoughtfulness behind the card or stationery you sent. 

The playful menagerie of Andi’s People designs reflect warmth, agelessness and personalized
interests: Music, Sports, Yoga, Special Occasions and Simple Pleasures;
like reading a book with a child,
or delighting in a novel in a fleld of flowers;
or mindfully gardening;
or simply curling your toes in the sand and delighting in the sunshine.

Today, there are nearly 100 Andi’s People designs.

Whether you are looking for an ‘I’m thinking of you’ card, or Christmas cards, or just really fun, unique, whimsical birthday cards — many with poignant or fun quotes, please visit our shop.

“I’m buying your (Andi’s People) cards because they make me feel good
and I want to make someone else feel good” (SD, AP customer)

Andi’s People.

95 designs. Six categories: Yoga, Music, Sports, Special Occasion, Simple Pleasures and Christmas. Greeting cards from the heart.

Designs that simply make you smile.

Make the most of your stationery and gift card purchases; visit Andi’s People selection today for high quality

eco-friendly + made in America, personalized stationery, greeting cards and special prints.

Don’t forget to treat yourself as well.