Andi’s People Whimsical Greeting Cards
& Stationery

A greeting card in a hand-written envelope is worth a thousand Facebook messages.

mom140601Do you think it’s about time we return to nostalgic times when the only way to send a birthday card was with an envelope and a stamp?

Do you believe in bringing ‘personal’ connections back to our digital world?

Do you like cards that are unique and personal, that feel good to touch and hold…

Cards that can be framed and cherished…

Cards that say “I am thinking of you — and I am also thinking of what you love to do!”?

The playful menagerie of Andi’s People designs reflect warmth, agelessness and personalized interests: Music, Sports, Yoga, Special Occasions and Simple Pleasures. Visit the Andi’s People Etsy store to see all of our options!

like reading a book with a child,
or reading a novel in a fleld of flowers;
practicing yoga or mindfully gardening;
or simply curling your toes in the sand and delighting in the sunshine.

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